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Amy Winehouse’ in-laws urge fans to boycott her music

Although I didn’t find it necessary to direct anyone to read about singer Amy Winehouse’s alleged suicide attempt, this latest development in the troubled singer’s accelerated public tailspin provides an unfortunately unique moral aspect to the decadent, all-too-familiar story. The parents of Winehouse’s husband, Black Fielder-Civil, Giles and Georgett Fielder-Civil, appeared on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC Radio 5 program to urge fans not to buy Winehouse’s albums in hopes that the boycott could give the singer (and their son) a wake-up call. They also asked that Winehouse not receive any awards for which she has been nominated.

Weirdly, the Fielder-Civils also told Derbyshire that they had asked some of Winehouse’s drug dealers to stop supplying the pair. Hm, I guess that’s the second best thing to do, you know, besides calling the cops. They admit, however, that it didn’t help much: “Unfortunately we have learned in the past three weeks that not everybody’s word is their bond, and we don’t live in a totally honest world.” Ah yes, what is this crazy world coming to when you can’t even depend on the word of a heroin dealer? In all seriousness, it’s clear that this world isn’t entirely crazy when at least one celebrity’s parents appear seriously committed to putting the health of their scandal-plagued relative ahead of their own personal gain.