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Second Band Of Horses Album Due In October

Band Of Horses is an entirely new group of equine since releasing their Sub Pop debut, “Everything All the Time,” last year, with only frontman Ben Bridwell remaining for the group’s upcoming effort. The new five-piece crew is not the only thing that’s affected the rock troupe’s as-yet-untitled 10-track set, due in late October via Sub Pop.

“So much sh*t has gone down since making the last album,” Bridwell said. A pair of relationship perils, a move back to his hometown of Mt. Pleasant, S.C., re-connecting with family and a new romance have all provided fodder for the forthcoming album. “[The album] is made up mostly of a series of little stories,” he says. “This definitely is mellow — it’s got a lot of sad songs, but it’ll all be balanced out by some rockin’ numbers and a couple stomp-and-clap country f*ckin’ jams.”

Bridwell once again tapped veteran engineer Phil Ek to helm the decks in Seattle, though he spent some time laying down tracks in North and South Carolina. “If the first record was our Northwest-sounding record, this one’s Southeastern,” he says, explaining that it “has the soul of the Carolinas.” Bridwell also promises his vocals will be more “pronounced. ‘Everything’ had a lot of smoke-and-mirrors lyrics and big huge effects on my vocals. I wasn’t scared of singing this time around.”

That newfound ease allowed Bridwell to feel more industrious in the studio. “I could’ve waited and try to write songs perfect for this album, and stressed out over every little perfect thing — like if a song sounded too weird or incomplete,” he says. “But now I just want to write, get in a studio and cut a f*cking record.”

Highlights from the set include “Ode to the LRC,” a song about a time when the songwriter hid out in a train caboose, and “No One’s Gonna Love You,” a “challenging” number about a failed relationship which closely resembles the feel of the last album’s “The Funeral.” “I’m afraid that one is probably going to be the single,” he laughs. “It’s hard, emotionally, and kinda hard to play. Like ‘The Funeral,’ it’s like, ‘Oh great, that’s the one they’re going to make me play on TV.'”

The band will have plenty of time to preview new tunes this summer while on tour. Band Of Horses will play tomorrow (June 30) in Vancouver and is slated to open for Modest Mouse at a handful of dates in August. They will also be headlining their own tour, for which they recruited Charleston, S.C., rockers A Decent Animal and Oklahoma City’s Stardeath And White Dwarfs as support.