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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Working Slowly On New Tunes

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are working on material for their next Interscope album, but there’s no timetable yet on its release. “[I’m] working here and there, without much pressure on myself,” frontwoman Karen O says. “I think [guitarist] Nick [Zinner] and [drumme] Brian [Chase] could say the same. Working pretty much nonstop as an artist, the hardest thing is to know what to do with yourself when you have some time off. You struggle with yourself to take a vacation.”

For now, the rock trio is promoting the release of a new EP, “Is Is,” featuring older songs that has not made any of its prior albums. “We had some time off, and it was something we wanted to do for posterity’s sake, kind of have a document of it,” Karen O says. “These songs always felt like they belonged together. We recorded them in February this year, with Nick Launay, who produced PIL’s’ ‘Flowers of Romance.’ If we tried to record them any time before this, we wouldn’t have had Nick for them, and he couldn’t be a more perfect match for the music.”

Accompanying the music is a DVD of a show held in May at a tiny venue in Brooklyn. “It shows the raw, sexual side of us that’s been there since day one. It’s something as natural to us as flying is to birds,” Karen O says. “We were dealing with a time when we were in between managers. There was this feeling of, ‘Yeah, we’re a renegade band! We’re gonna make the kind of recording that has the intensity and magnitude of what we’re about.'”

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing a few shows in support of the EP, and Karen O enthuses, I know my limitations more than I’ve ever known them before. It’s taken several years to kind of figure that out, like how many shows to do in a row. It takes so much out of you.”
(via billboard)