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Hook To New Order Bandmates: ‘See You In Court’

The members of New Order continue to spar about whether the legendary U.K. rock combo is still an entity. In a statement earlier in this month, singer Bernard Sumner and drummer Stephen Morris rejected bassist Peter Hook’s assumption that the band is no more by saying plans were afoot for New Order projects and that Hook speaks for himself and nobody else.

But Hook has once again addressed the issue on his MySpace site. In a July 27 posting entitled “Disappointment!,” Hook says he will consider legal action against the other members should they continue using the New Order name.

“This group has SPLIT UP! You are no more New Order than I am!” Hook said in the post. “You may have two-thirds but don’t assume you have the right to do anything New Order-y cos (sic) you don’t. I’ve still got a third! But am open to negotiation.”

Hook also stated that he hasn’t had much of a personal relationship with the other members for some time. “Whenever you contact me it’s through the management,” he said. “You all knew what was happening re: the split! In February! Using Cannes and Mojo as some excuse to at last get your own back is wrong.” The message concludes with the less-than-cryptic message, “See you in court!”

New Order last played live in November in Buenos Aires and released its latest studio album, “Waiting for the Sirens’ Call,” in 2005.