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Wilco Strike Licensing Deal With Volkswagen

Before you hear some 21 year old say Wilco sucks now because they sold out, think of what a marketing tool this has become. It’s been effective for not only indie artists to gain notoriety, but it’s also helped established artists stay relevant, continue to sell albums, and possibly fuel adds on radio stations.

Consider what it has done for John Mellencamp with “Our Country,” as one example. Even he hated the song after awhile, but a lot of people were anticipating his new record Freedom’s Road because of it.

Could Wilco’s six song deal with Volkswagen catapult them into the hearts and minds of the general public?

If it does, or at the very least, peaks more interest than they have in the indie world, then I’m all for it.

Watch the first spot, featuring the track that isn’t on Sky Blue Sky, “The Thanks I Get.”