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Robert Pollard (Ex-GBV) Launching Single Series With Two New Albums

Former Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard is launching the Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series in conjunction with two new albums that will be simultaneously released Oct. 9 via Merge.

The 7-inch vinyl singles will be issued every month for a year, beginning June 22 with “Rud Fins” b/s “Piss Along You Bird.” Each A-side will be a song either from the upcoming albums “Standard Gargoyle Decisions” or “Coast to Coast Carpet of Love,” while the B-side will be a non-album cut.

Fans can purchase the ingles individually or as a complete collection exclusively via Pollard’s official Web site.

The release of “Standard Gargoyle Decisions” and “Coast to Coast Carpet of Love” follows a typically prolific year for Pollard, who in 2006 issued the albums “From a Compound Eye” and “Normal Happiness” via Merge.

Here is the Happy Jack Rock Records Singles Series schedule:

June 22: “Rud Fins” b/w “Piss Along You Bird”
July 22: “Spider Eyes” b/w “Battle for Mankind”
Aug. 22: “Current Desperation (Angels Speak of Nothing)” b/w “Met Her At a Seance”
Sept. 22: “Pill Gone Girl” b/w “Coast To Coast Carpet of Love”
Oct. 9: “Shadow Port” b/w “Be in the Wild Place”
Nov. 22: “Count Us In” b/w “Sixland” (John Shough Version)
Dec. 22: “Dumb Lady” b/w “Street Velocity”
Jan. 22: “Youth Leagues” b/w “Spriti of the Fly”
Feb. 22: “Folded Claws” b/w “Speak Again”
March 22: “When We Were Slaves” b/w “Battle for Mankind 2”
April 22: “The Killers” b/w “Revolver Tricks (Stanley Deal)”
May 22: “Miles Under the Skin” b/w “Frostman” (Long Version)