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Golden Smog:: Blood on the slacks (Album Review)

Once heralded as an alt-country supergroup, Golden Smog have come full circle with the disappointing Blood On The Slacks, returning to the status of cover band pastime for Minneapolis musician pals. With a major label sized budget to blow, Gary Louris, Dan Murphy, Kraig Johnson and Marc Perlman could record at their own leisurely pace in sunny Spain and have the option of discussing over pool-side sangria which David Bowie and J. Mascis songs they should do. Out of the six originals here, two are throwaways, another is instrumental filler, and only the opener, Can’t Even Tie Your Own Shoes – which will have Dave Pirner and Jeff Tweedy wondering who it’s about – comes close to approaching the low standard set by the most recent work of the participants’ full-time gigs. Enough already.
(Tim Perlich)