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New Bad Religion coming in July

There are always new bad religions popping up from the freak fringes. Mormonism. Scientology. But this post isn’t about crackpot crusaders like Joseph Smith or L. Ron Hubbard. It’s about political punk crusaders Bad Religion. The band slated to release its next album, New Maps of Hell, July 10 on Epitaph. It will be preceded by first single “Honest Goodbye,” available via digital download May 22. The song was inspired by Perry Smith, one of two murderers in the case made famous by In Cold Blood. Continue on after the jump for Maps‘ tracklist.

1. 52 Seconds
2. Heroes & Martyrs
3. Germs Of Perfection
4. New Dark Ages
5. Requiem For Dissent
6. Before You Die
7. Honest Goodbye
8. Dearly Beloved
9. Grains Of Wrath
10. Murder
11. Scrutiny
12. Prodigal Son
13. The Grand Delusion
14. Lost Pilgrim
15. Submission Complete
16. Fields Of Mars