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Jesus Lizard concert DVD on the way

Chicago alt.rock anti-heroes The Jesus Lizard were famous for putting on some electric live shows. And though they disbanded at the turn of the century, fans can travel back in time with the group’s first concert DVD. The aptly titled The Jesus Lizard Live will be out on June 5 through MVD Visual.

The hour-long concert, filmed with two cameras at Boston’s Venus De Milo club on Oct. 4, 1994, showcases the band at their peak. The lineup at the time featured singer David Yow (who now fronts Qui), drummer Mac McNeilly, guitarist Duane Denison and bassist David Sims.

The DVD will include five additional tracks recorded at a 1992 CBGB’s gig in New York City, as well as the first home video of the band to be released to the public. The liner notes were written by Michael Azerrad, author of the acclaimed Our Band Could Be Your Life.

Here are the tracks on The Jesus Lizard Live:

* “Gladiator”
* “Mouthbreaker”
* “Destroy Before Reading”
* “Puss”
* “Bloody Mary”
* “Nub”
* “Horse”
* “One Evening”
* “The Associate”
* “Killer McHann”
* “Mailman”
* “Boilermaker”
* “Fly On The Wall”
* “Chrome”
* “Seasick”
* “Then Comes Dudley” (bonus track)
* “If You Had Lips” (bonus track)
* “My Own Urine” (bonus track)
* “Wheelchair Epidemic” (bonus track)
* “Monkey Trick” (bonus track)