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Ex-Jesus Lizard Frontman Reappears With Qui

Not much had been heard from one of rock’s most unpredictable and confrontational frontmen, David Yow, since the dissolution of the Jesus Lizard in 1999. But now, Yow has reappeared as a member of the Los Angeles-based band Qui. Although the bass-less group was founded by guitarist Matt Cronk and drummer Paul Christensen seven years ago and had already issued an album on its own (2003’s “Baby Kisses”), Yow was welcomed in as a permanent member last year.

The first release by the newly expanded lineup, “Love’s Miracle,” will drop on Sept. 11 via Ipecac. Says Yow, “It just sort of organically became that I was in the band. We’d go to practice and I’d start having input. We decided, ‘Geez, it looks like we’re a three piece now.'”

While the group’s art-punk sound is not all that far off from Yow’s previous work with the Jesus Lizard, the singer does mention a few differences. “For one thing, both of these guys can really sing — they’re teaching me to how to do two and three part harmonies and things like that,” he says. “There was little or none of that in the Jesus Lizard. Some of the songs — particularly the new ones, we’ve got a few in the bag since we recorded the album — are really, really difficult. It takes a great deal of thought while playing them. Granted, there were some pretty difficult ones with the Jesus Lizard too, but not as hard as these are for me.”

Ipecac enthusiastically snapped up the group after hearing just a few minutes of “Love’s Miracle,” according to Yow. “A lot of the stuff that they do is a little more along the lines of what we do,” he says. “Ipecac has sort of a ‘built in weirdo bunch of people.'”

Qui will be playing a record release party in L.A. on the day of the album’s release, before immediately launching a six-and-a-half week tour of the States. The group will then follow this up with a month’s worth of European dates, before getting to work on its next album. In addition, a few pre-release live dates will occur in July in England.