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EMI says goodbye to DRM, unveils high-quality tracks on iTunes

EMI has been threatening to do this for some time now, and has finally unleashed their catalogue sans DRM. The tracks first go on sale in May and will cost 30 cents extra, bringing the total to $1.29. Besides banning the DRM, they’ll also be in higher quality (256k, versus the current 128). Users with existing EMI tracks will be able to upgrade for 30 cents a track, and albums will be available with the new format and no change in price.

Finally! Perhaps the record companies realize that people can just rip CD’s or circumvent DRM restrictions on their one, or that DRM causes about 75% of tech support calls to music stores. The surcharge hurts a little, but the higher quality helps reduce the sting a little. Also for cheapskates or people who like their Apple music ecosystem, the tracks will still be available for a lower price and previous restrictions.
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