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Kaiser Chiefs:: Yours Truly, Angry Mob (Album Review)

When singer Ricky Wilson effectively got the riot he predicted on Employment, the Kaiser Chiefs’ blindsiding Britpop debut, which moved heavy numbers, it probably made the question of how to get the mob back into record stores all the more daunting when conceiving their difficult second record. The Leeds lads stick doggedly to their debut’s winning hook-heavy formula, with Wilson continuing down the irreverent lyrical path, noting the irritating peculiarities of his working-class brethren (The Angry Mob), failed romance (Love’s Not A Competition But I’m Winning) and recollections of wild youth (Highroyds). And as on Employment, some songs spark with energy and others die in the first verse. Is a complete album asking too much? I guess it is..
(Jason Keller- Canada)