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Flaming Lips’ Hometown Zoo Bash Heads To DVD

The Flaming Lips are putting the finishing touches on a live DVD, “UFOs at the Zoo,” due in July via Warner Bros. The project was filmed last September in the group’s Oklahoma City hometown, at an amphitheatre within the grounds of the city zoo.

“There certainly was a hometown, welcome back sort of love in the air,” Lips frontman Wayne Coyne said. “This was also our first show with the UFO light show. We come down on stage in a giant UFO and I go off the top in a space bubble.”

Amid the usual frenzy of confetti, smoke machines and fans on stage in superhero costumes, the gig found the Lips unearthing rarities like “Love Your Brain” and “The Spark That Bled” for the hometown faithful.

“I’m telling you, it’s like a local legend around here,” Coyne enthuses of the show. “Everybody ended up bringing like five friends to this thing. It was the last awesome night of the summer. A lot of times here in September, it has turned cold and rainy. But for some reason, it all held off. It was just a perfect night.”

Coyne says the group is still mulling whether there will be a standalone audio component for “UFOs at the Zoo.” Fans may be able to insert the DVD into a computer and download audio tracks from a secure Web site.

The Lips also filmed a 2006 concert at the Hollywood Bowl in HD video, but plans are still coming together for how the footage will see the light of day. “We went to great lengths to shoot the whole thing in this pristine HD format,” Coyne says. “I’m sure somewhere along the way some company will be interested in this. It will look great on those big TVs. Not everything benefits from so much clarity, but a Flaming Lips show definitely does.”

The band will play eight U.S. shows this month, beginning April 11 in Athens, Ga., and will hit a handful of European festivals this summer. “When the records come out, we hit everywhere as quick as we can to be out on the circuit,” Coyne says. “The second summer, you try to go to all the weird, cool places where you want to shop and eat exotic food.”
(via billboard)