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Calla:: Crocodile Cafe- Seattle, WA- 04.01.2007 (Live review)

A seemingly sparse crowd at the Crocodile actually represents a good showing for a chilly Sunday evening in Seattle. Calla, the shoegaze infused 3-piece originally hailing from Texas, will have to contend with local openers Siberian for the hearts of the evening’s audience.

It seems at first that anyone would be outshined by the harmonies of Finn Parnell and Zach Tillman. Siberian closes out their set strongly with a new song, expected to be on their upcoming Sonic Boom records release early this fall.

Both bands have the kind of immediate appeal that leads to young women seductively swinging their hips in the front row. Calla steps onstage with the lights dimmed low, a fitting gesture to match their hauntingly melodic sound. Lead singer Aurelio Valle has a voice that initially sounds deceptively plain, but soon manages to be both sensual and captivating. Tight bare bones sound from drummer Wayne Magruder leaves plenty of room for reaching guitar sounds; one is left wishing they took greater advantage of it.

Calla will be continuing their US tour through mid-April in support of their latest release, “Strength in Numbers.”

Sarah Joann Murphy