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Albert Hammond Jr. / The Mooney Suzuki- Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA 3-2-07 (Live Show Review)

For an artist who didn’t wish to market himself as “that guy from the Strokes”, Albert Hammond, Jr. hasn’t made much of a departure musically. I whisper this to my plus one as we stand in the midst of the crowd at the Crocodile on Friday night. She laughs and smiles, yet her reply is “True… but damn, it’s good.”

And it is. “Good”. Certain songs you can’t help but be drawn to. While many of us look for music to be a challenge, sometimes things can’t be overintellectualized. If Hammond isn’t taking the road less traveled, it’s because this well worn road is also well loved. Staring at the sea of people around me, the wall of the venue dropped back to accomodate the crowd, everyone seemed in concurrence. “Good”. No one is inspired into over-enthusiastic cheering, but no one is having a bad time.

Hammond is currently touring in support of his March 6th release, “Yours to Keep”. After a round of shows headlining with the Mooney Suzuki [and a stop by SXSW for the New Line Records showcase], he’ll be offering tour support for Bloc Party beginning the end of March. As for me, I’ll be home with my copy of “Room on Fire”; all things equal, hearing one member’s songs just made me want to sit and listen to the Strokes.

Sarah Joann Murphy (Seattle, WA)