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The Stooges:: The Weirdness (Album Review)

It’s one thing for Iggy Pop to reunite with Ron and Scott Asheton to play some of the old Stooges tunes for nostalgia’s sake, but it’s quite another to go into a recording studio with the idea of recapturing the elusive essence of what the band was. Recently, the members of Radio Birdman tried to turn that trick and wound up sounding like a slightly better than average tribute act. That’s about the best the Stooges can muster with the Steve Albini-recorded The Weirdness. As it turns out, Albini’s inability to get a decent drum sound works to the Stooges advantage in recreating the signature all-mid-range concept of the group’s early albums. The Weirdness does have many of the recognizable sonic and structural traits, but the essential threat of impending doom is missing. Part of what made the first couple of Stooges albums great was that they felt like they were made by a bunch of dope-addled suburban thugs who couldn’t give a fuck about anything, not some toothless geezers hoping to top up their retirement fund or at least cover some greens fees. The Weirdness is in fact, The sadness.
(Tim Perlich- Toronto)