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Kingblind’s quick bites (Album Reviews)

Quick overviews of some of the latest and greatest new releases hitting the stores now. We will give you a YES or NO to whether you should buy it or not.

Les Brestfeeders:: Les Matins De Grands Soirs
It’s the french Hives!! Well, The french canadian Hives.. Super fast catchy garage rock madness.. And yes, They are singing in French as well. This is SOOOO good. Makes ya wanna drive fast, pick up chicks and and start a fight! Viva Les Brestfeeders.
(Kingblind says YES)

Future Clouds and Radars:: S/T
A Double Album debut record.. Jesus that’s a bit ambitious isn’t it?! This LP is full of Psychedelic pop gems. ala GBV or any sort of Elephant Six Collective, stuff. Good Stuff.. Just a bit too long.. But no need to a double album on your first go..

(Kingblind says.. YES)

All Smiles:: Ten reading of a warning
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. Wha.. Oh sorry I fell asleep.. God what a drag.. Sort of a much less interesting Daniel Johnson, John Lennon etc.
(Kindblind says NO)

Willy Mason:: If the ocean gets rough
Despite some good moments the albums ultimately disappointing. Which is too bad considering it leaves you thinking of what could have been.
(Kingblind says NO)

Mando Diao:: Long Before Rock and Roll EP..
Great stuff.. Garage-ish Kinks.. Except they are from Sweden.. Hard to believe that this is an album from 2007. And I mean that in a good way. I would buy this right now. If I just didn’t get it for free from the label.. HA. I do however wish it was more than 5 songs.
(Kingblind say YES)

Midnight Movies:: Lion The Girl
Jesus H. Christ.. Isn’t the whole 80’s comeback thing over yet. Gena Olivier’s pallid vocals sound frozen stiff rather than disaffectedly cool by song one.. and it never get’s any better.
(Kingblind Says NO)

Sterling:: Cursed
Chicago’s answer to Mogwai.. (Or if you prefer a Milemarker side project) At three songs and over 35 minutes of guitar ambiance Cursed is a truly rewarding experience to anyone ready to give it the time.
(Kingblind says YES)