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Kenpo iPod Jacket (Product Review)

When clothing meets technology it can mean one of two things. A clumsy poorly designed overpriced piece of junk OR in rare instance an elegant seamless piece of must have technology.. The Kenpo iPod Jacket is in the must have category.

The Kenpo Jacket for iPod features a 5-button controller built into the sleeve. Giving users access to the following controls: play/pause, track forward, track back and volume up/down. The self powered system requires no batteries and can be machine washed or dry cleaned without damage to its fabric control system.

The jacket is compatible with all iPods that utilize the 9-pin connection (that’s 3rd Gen and up excluding the iPod nano and 5Gen iPod) although Kenpo is offering a mail order replacement for free to work with the latter two.

This jacket was received the day after christmas and it was punished by our testers. It was rolling in snow, put in large rain showers and repeatedly washed and dried.. And the condition of the coat today?? Like new. I have probably sold 10 of these coats this past month or so with friends trying it out and loving it.. Kenpo, You are my new favorite iPod accessory !

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