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LADY SOVEREIGN:: Public Warning (Album Review)

On the track Blah Blah from her Def Jam debut, Lady Sovereign refutes those who’d compare her to Eminem, rattling off: “One, I’m not American, two, I’m not a man, three, I come into it with a different kind of plan.” I’d say only the first two points are valid; the Eminem-like “plan” (introducing a lyrically witty, rude yet self-deprecating white upstart/outsider with a defiantly shrill flow to U.S. suburbia) gives little credit to Def prez Jay-Z for rediscovering Dr. Dre’s formula from 1998 for the young Marshall Mathers. That said, with the vibrant spark of tracks like Random, there are enough hot bangers (and mash) here to establish the S.O.V.’s own brand of anti-authority. She catchily sends up herself, her Britishness and the unlikelihood of her (likely) stardom.
(Jason Richards)