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Radiohead finally back to recording new LP

Radiohead have begun work on their new album, according to Thom Yorke.

The band played a number of new songs during their summer series of shows across the globe, which are expected to feature on the LP.

Yorke, making a new appeal on behalf of The Big Ask campaign, also confirmed that recordings are now underway for their seventh album.

Speaking on Radiohead’s Dead Air Space, the singer said: “We’ve started the record properly now. Staring to get somewhere I think. Finally.”

Meanwhile, Thom again appealed to the government and the British people for action against carbon emissions.

He wrote:

“if you are concerned about climate change

if it scares you speechless and wakes you in the night.
if you are bothered about the flooding you keep seeing.
or those high winds.

or that there is something not quite right about the fact you’re still walking round in a Tshirt in october.

please find out about the big ask campaign

we are hassling all MPs in the uk to write to our glorious leader and get a bill that commits us all to reducing carbon emissions 3percent a year. its a start. it has to be law. otherwise its never going to happen. and it has to.”

There is a full length video interview with Yorke about the campaign at
(via yahoo uk)