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JURASSIC 5:: Feedback (Album Review)

With Cut Chemist no longer in the group (dude left to go solo — whoops), Jurassic 5 are now… officially a fivesome. That ain’t all that’s changed for the non-violent, ear-warmingly barbershoppy L.A. crew since Power In Numbers dropped three years ago: they’re suddenly way more popular. The most obvious results of this development are also the two glaring missteps on Feedback. The much-talked-up Dave Matthews collabo comes off like forced crossover fare (Matthews dominates, crooning the hook 29 times), and Scott Storch’s offering fizzles — the boys’ canvas backpack flows go with the producer’s leather-upholstered sound like granola and Dom Perignon. On the other side of the mixer, Salaam Remi is a way more natural fit, Nu-Mark doesn’t slag, and Five Jurass’s virgin excursions into P-Funk and electro find some comfortable new sonic territory. (Jason Richards)