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DANIELSON:: Ships (Album Review)

Damn, sometimes I wish I could be a kid again. I’d jump around singing really happy, crazy-sounding shit and get all my friends together to help out, and it would be like some never-ending birthday party. But since I probably won’t wake up tomorrow an eight-year-old, the latest from Danielson Famile ringleader Daniel Smith will have to do. Perhaps the most celebratory pop album to come out in ages, Ships borrows from the childlike wonderment and musical experimentation of Brian Wilson while also sounding wonderfully bombastic and full of excitement. Though Smith is not always conventional in his approach, songs like Time That Bald Sexton sound as beautiful as they do chaotic, and with a list of guest contributors a mile long, it’s no wonder Ships sounds like one big, happy family get-together.
(Review by: Evan Davies)