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Kingblind Loves (Suicide Squeeze Records)

In our new series “Kingblind Loves” We feature a new record label that we love. We will be spanning the globe covering many labels both large and small, Some you have heard of… Some will be brand new to you. But that’s the point isn’t it !! Anyways, This series will help our readers find great new music and hopefully a better way to spend their hard earned cash… Enjoy the ride

Suicide Squeeze Records (Seattle, WA)
In August of 1996, SUICIDE SQUEEZE was born in Seattle with the release of a 7″ single from rock outfit, 764-HERO. The label quickly defined itself as a serious voice in the world of independent record making in the Pacific Northwest, no small task in a town that hosts that other label you might find represented in your crates of records.

While many of the bands and businesses in the city struggled to find their way out of the dirty fog left hanging in the air after Time Magazine started talking about a logging town up near the border of Canada, SUICIDE SQUEEZE followed that first release with a new and highly sought after treasure chest of singles, EPs, and 12″ from other Northwest Greats. There are two fan favorite Elliott Smith singles, bonefide essential Modest Mouse singles, and holy goodness from Pedro the Lion…an impressive stable! Since the very first record sporting the Squeeze logo, the label has been aiming all arrows at top caliber records, great music made with great care and a punk rock soul. Untarnished by the haze of ripped jeans and flannel shirts, label owner David Dickenson worked tirelessly with infectious enthusiasm developing the roster to include full-lengths from other Northwest bands and songwriters, as well as artists stretching to many corners of North America.

Now, ten years after that first single, comes a celebratory double-CD release spotlighting songs from most every artist the label has worked with. Here find classics from timeless singles including an exclusive Black Heart Procession track, early career Constantines grit, and a quintessentially quirky Unicorns jam to name only a few. To accompany those gems are several songs from records now out of print (The Melvins, Les Savy Fav), remixes and demos from some current roster favorites (Minus the Bear, The Aislers Set), and some brilliant combinations of great talents coming together to make magic (Iron and Wine with Six Parts Seven, Modest Mouse with 764-Hero). Slaying Since 1996 exemplifies the steadfast diversity that truly helped the label rise above the typical genreism that plagues much of the industry.
SUICIDE SQUEEZE’s current stable offers a true cross-section of what makes independent music so exciting, vibrant and crucial; the spazz-damaged skronk of Hella rubs up with the anthemic-pop of Minus the Bear as easily as Headphones pulsing synths butt up against the smoldering hooks of Crystal Skulls, and this only scratches the surface of what Slaying and the entire label catalog have to offer.
Disc 1
1. 764-Hero “Now You’re Swimming”
2. Modest Mouse “A Life of Arctic Sounds”
3. The Scenic Vermont “Elementary” #
4. Elliott Smith “Division Day”
5. Modest Mouse / 764-Hero “Whenever You See Fit (DJ Dynomite D REMIX)
6. Pennsy’s Electric Workhorses Songs “Cycle Suitor” * #
7. Pedro the Lion “June 18, 1976”
8. The Black Heart Procession “After the Ladder” #
9. Aspera “Bird’s Fly” #
10. Constantines “Dirty Business” #
11. The Magic Magicians “Cascade Express”
12. The Black Keys “Yearnin’ (live)”
13. Iron and Wine / Six Parts Seven “Sleeping Diagonally”
14. The Melvins “With Teeth (live)” #
15. Les Savy Fav “We’ll Make a Lover of You” #
16. Hint Hint “Natural Collegiate”
17. We Ragazzi “Making You Queens Tonight”
18. The Unicorns “2014”
19. S “5 Dollars”
20. Goon Moon “Rock Weird (Weird Rock)”
Disc 2
1. Minus the Bear “The Game Needed Me (Dalek REMIX)” *
2. The Aislers Set “What Fades First (demo)” *
3. Headphones “Gas and Matches (acoustic)” *
4. Crystal Skulls “Baby Boy (demo)” *
5. Six Parts Seven “Afternoon Bed” *
6. Metal Hearts “Jean Baptiste” *
7. Of Montreal “Voltaic Crusher/Undrum to Muted Da” +
8. Chin Up Chin Up “Trophy’s for Hire” *
9. Earlimart “Caruthers Boy” *
10. Red Stars Theory “Evergreen and Ivorbean” *
11. Black Mountain “Voices” +
12. Russian Circles “Upper Ninety” *
13. These Arms Are Snakes “Old Paradise” *
14. Hella “Meth Leper” *
* – Previously Unreleased
+ – First time on CD
# – Out of Print

Suicide Squeeze MP3’s

Chin Up Chin Up:: This Harness Can’t Ride Anything


Big Acts:: What made them great
764-Hero, Modest Mouse, The Melvins, Elliott Smith, Pedro the Lion, The Black Heart Procession, Earlimart

New Blood: Why they are still great
These Arms are Snakes, Page France, Eugene Mirman, Hella, Minus the Bear