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Rhino Speeds Through ‘Hardcore’ Soundtrack

Appropriate to the breakneck pace of the hardcore genre, Rhino has packed 26 songs into its 37-minute soundtrack for the documentary “American Hardcore.” The album will be available digitally Sept. 26 and in stores on Oct. 10; the film opens Sept. 22 in New York and Los Angeles.

The soundtrack cherry-picks from regional hardcore staples to provide a complete picture of the scene’s early days. Minor Threat, Scream and Bad Brains represent Washington, D.C., while the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, the Adolescents, Flipper and D.R.I. fly the flag for California.

“I think the most interesting thing to me was to see what has happened to people,” the film’s writer Steven Blush told earlier this year about tracking down prominent artists from the scene. “When we go see Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it’s this mansion up in the hills in Malibu, and then on the other hand, you see how poor some of these people are, and how bitter some of these people are — people who did not get their due.”

Here is the track list for “American Hardcore”:

“Nervous Breakdown,” Black Flag
“Out of Vogue,” Middle Class
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“Pay To C*m,” Bad Brains
“F*cked Up Ronnie,” D.O.A.
“Red Tape,” Circle Jerks
“Filler,” Minor Threat
“I Remember,” MDC
“Nic Fit,” Untouchables
“Kill a Commie,” Gang Green
“Boston Not L.A.,” the Freeze
“Straight Jacket,” Jerry’s Kids
“Boiling Point,” SS Decontrol
“Who Are You/Time To Die,” Void
“Came Without Warning,” Scream
“Friend or Foe,” Negative Approach
“Bad Attitude,” Articles Of Faith
“Think For Me,” Die Kreuzen
“My Minds Diseased,” Battalion Of Saints
“I Hate Sports,” 7 Seconds
“Brickwall,” Big Boys
“I Was a Teenage Fuckup,” Really Red
“I Hate Children,” Adolescents
“Enemy for Life,” YDI
“Runnin’ Around,” D.R.I.
“Don’t Tread on Me”,” Cro-Mags
“Ha Ha Ha,” Flipper
(via Billboard)