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New York Dolls:: One Day It Will Please Us to Remember This (Album Review)

“Evolution is so obsolete,” growls David Johansen on Dance Like a Monkey – words from a man who obviously takes his lyrics to heart.

Having reformed two years ago at the behest of Morrissey, the lacquered (not to mention liquored) proto-punkers had gone 30 years since their last album release. Rather more seriously, they had also seen the deaths of four band members. It’s to their credit that you’d be hard pushed to notice the rather large hurdles jumped in order for these 13 tracks to be released – although the beefed-up production and Johansen’s more gravelly voice are a giveaway.

The band’s interests are still very much the same as they were three decades ago, as Fishnets and Cigarettes camply points out. Plenty of Music, with its Ronettes-meets-drunken-Beach-Boys stomp, proves that the Dolls’ capacity for romance and nostalgia has matured – even if they haven’t.