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The Back the Future Movie You’ll Never See (Screenshots)
Back to the Future was actually filmed twice —once with Eric Stoltz in the role of Marty McFly, and once with Michael J. Fox. But despite Studio proclamations that only a few scenes were involved, the truth is that the majority of the film was shot with Eric Stoltz. The other actors confirmed it was flmed twice.

Scenes from Unfinished Terry Gilliam, Johnny Depp Film
Six minutes of footage from Terry Gilliam’s unfinished fantasy epic based on Don Quixote. Taken from a documentary called Lost in La Mancha, which chronicles the making of this doomed, almost cursed project.

Sneak Peek At The Simpsons Movie
During the annual Comic-Con Simpsons panel, creator/exec producer Matt Groening and fellow exec producers James L. Brooks and Al Jean thrilled the crowd with some first glimpses at the eagerly awaited The Simpsons Movie.

“Lost” Lands New Star, Reveals Numbers

1986 Velvet Underground documentary, parts 1-6 Via Goldenfiddle!