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Whitehouse:: “Asceticists 2006” (Album Review)

The new CD by Whitehouse is a startlingly innovative exercise on their theme. Their 25 year mission to provide extreme electronic music is well served by this latest love letter, a postcard from the hanging. The cover is black with the words spelled out in the Pan-African colors of red yellow and green. This is appropriate because beneath the sustained feedback a subtle rhythm is heard, not unlike an ancient disco tape sped up. Not unlike the drumming on the inside of a burning South African tire with piercing tones layered a top the thumpa thumpa, very mute and very subtle but very there. Mr. Phillip Best and Mr. William Bennett shout out lyrics that reveal a litany of angst. The lyrics are startlingly beautiful, long shouts that bubble to the surface, long sentences you can hang your rain coat on. “Could this be you? a sexual conservative who lost their instinct for self censorship/a morbid trickster with bad timing and no refusal skills parading the elegant symptoms of past molestation and everyday neglect”. Or my favorite: “dissociate, piss fear like economy apple juice/like the damp urine perverts asked you drink/create the open/can’t have butterfly in your monarch mind/around a damaged hypocrite face.” Whitehouse exhibit secret feelings and exhale, like billboards exhorting folks to buy more cigarettes them forcing them to smoke outside. Like a retail store that says “our customers are number one” and has only one register open. Whitehouse are not only the best at what they do, they’re the only ones that do what they do. (Review by: Jim Hayes)