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Kingblind band profile (TV on the Radio)

The Brooklyn-based group TV on the Radio mixes post-punk, electronic and other atmoshperic elements in such a creative way that it only makes sense that its core duo, vocalist Tunde Adebimpe and multi-instrumentalist/producer David Andrew Sitek, are both visual artists as well as musicians. Adebimpe is a graduate of NYU’s film school and specializes in stop-motion animation, which his Brothers Quay-like video for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s single Pin demonstrates amply. He is also a painter, as is Sitek, who also produced the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Machine EP and their full-length Fever to Tell. The duo met when Sitek moved into the building where Adebimpe had a loft; each of them had been recording music on their own, but realized their sounds would work well together. Sitek’s brother Jason, began playing drums and other instruments with the pair during their recording sessions, which resulted in a self-titled, 24-track CD released by the Brooklyn Milk imprint. Jason Sitek left the band for a short time due to other musical commitments but returned to the band when they recorded their Touch & Go debut, the Young Liars EP. After the EP was completed, TV on the Radio added guitarist/vocalist Kyp Malone to their fold. Young Liars, which also features the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Brian Chase and Nick Zinner, was released in summer 2003 to critical acclaim, coinciding with their gigs opening for the Fall. Their first full-length release, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes arrived in spring 2004. The band remained busy for the rest of the year, embarking on their own tours as well as dates with the Faint and the Pixies. That fall, TV on the Radio was one of the ten finalists in 2004’s Shortlist competition; they also released the New Health Rock EP around that time. Jump ahead to 2006 and TVOTR are ready to release their new LP “Return To Cookie Mountain”.. It’s release date is in June. Enjoy a pair of new tracks.

New MP3’s from their upcoming album “Return to Cookie Mountain”
TV On The Radio – Playhouses

TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me