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Mudhoney Expose Themselves To A Billion Suns

It’s one thing for a Seattle-based band to have survived the fall of the grunge scene relatively unscathed, but it’s quite another for that same band to still be making well-respected garage-punk and psychedelic rock after 18 years. Mudhoney’s sound hasn’t changed to follow trends, and they continue their formula on their 10th album, Under A Billion Suns.

The record, which will be released on March 7 by Sub Pop, was produced by Phil Ek, Johnny Sangster and Tucker Martine. While the music made by singer Mark Arm, guitarist Steve Turner, drummer Dan Petersand Australian bassist Guy Maddison is as loud as ever, Under A Billion Suns is said to be more political in its lyrics than previous works.

Mudhoney, comprised of former members of Green River and The Melvins, were one of Sub Pop’s earliest bands and helped put the fledgling Seattle label on the map. Sub Pop released their self-titled album in 1989 and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge in 1991 before the group moved up to the majors to record four LPs for Reprise. The band returned to Sub Pop for their last album, 2002’s Since We’ve Become Translucent.

Here are the songs you’ll find Under A Billion Suns:

# “Where Is The Future?”
# “It Is Us”
# “I Saw The Light”
# “Endless Yesterday”
# “Empty Shells”
# “Hard On For War”
# “A Brief Celebration Of Indifference”
# “Let’s Drop In”
# “On The Move”
# “In Search Of”
# “Blindspots”