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Enigk Starts Fresh With New Album, Label

Sunny Day Real Estate/Fire Theft vocalist Jeremy Enigk is about a month away from finishing his second solo album, which will be the follow-up to his acclaimed 1996 Sub Pop effort “Return of the Frog Queen.”

The as-yet-untitled set will be released this summer on Lewis Hollow Records, which Enigk recently established with his manager, Steve Smith. The imprint will be distributed via industry veteran Marc Geiger’s Reincarnate Records through Sony BMG.

Enigk is being assisted on the new album by Josh Myers, who handled the string arrangements as well keyboards and co-production. The disc will be mixed by longtime Enigk collaborator Greg Williamson. “I still have vocals to do, lyrics to write, bass and guitar mainly,” Enigk said. “We’ve already recorded drums, a string section and some scratch vocals. The basic template of a song is there.”

The artist is particularly enthused by the tracks “Canons” (described as “a straightforward pop song with heavy drums and a big chorus”) and “Cage” (“it’s a mixture of pop with some punk-rock moments”). Asked if the album will feature the intricate orchestral elements of its predecessor, Enigk offers, “The orchestral element is not nearly as explosive as it was on ‘Frog Queen.'”

After failed associations with a number of labels, Enigk and Smith are thrilled at the prospect of true independence. “Giving some artists freedom is not a good thing, but giving Jeremy freedom and time results in the best of the best,” Smith says.

Enigk will hit the road in July with a full band but adds, “in the future, I’m seriously considering an acoustic tour.” As for the Fire Theft, the band is still together but has no concrete plans to work on a new album just yet. “I’ll be writing for the Fire Theft, but I plan to tour for six months to a year on this new one,” Enigk reports.

For now, Enigk will be the only act signed to Lewis Hollow, named after a song on “Return of the Frog Queen.” Says Smith, “Out of the box we won’t be signing bands, but Jeremy is co-producing his own record and we will be looking for some production opportunities for him. We want to try to be as full-service as we can. (Via LINK) story by Jonathan Cohen, N.Y. for