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The Walkmen to release new album ‘A Hundred Miles Off’ on May 23rd

The Walkmen will release their third studio album, A Hundred Miles Off, on Record Collection May 23rd.

The follow up to 2004’s critically acclaimed Bows & Arrows was recorded over the course of two years at the band’s Marcata Studios in New York and Inner Ear Studios near Washington, D.C.

“A Hundred Miles Off is without a doubt our most solid effort yet,” says singer/guitarist Hamilton Leithauser, “After touring for so long, we couldn’t write songs for the longest time. We went back to Inner Ear Studios in DC where I used to work and worked with our old friend Don Zientara (Bad Brains, Nation of Ulysses, Fugazi). We really got things going last summer, and we spent all fall and the holidays writing, recording and traveling between DC and NY. We finished it up at Marcata–our place in Harlem–this January. We’re all sure it’s the best record we’ve done so far.”

Upon completing the album, the band — along with several friends — spent January and the better part of February recording a song for song cover of Harry Nilsson’s album Pussy Cats (1974) which will be released on Record Collection late 2006 and will be called Pussycats Starring the Walkmen.

The Walkmen will perform at Coachella in April, followed by a UK tour in May and a full US tour in June.

A Hundred Miles Off

1. Louisiana
2. Danny’s At The Wedding
3. Good For You’s Good For Me
4. Emma, Get Me A Lemon
5. All Hands And The Cook
6. Lost In Boston
7. Don’t Get Me Down (Come On Over Here)
8. Tenley Town
9. This Job Is Killing Me
10. Brandy Alexander
11. Always After You (‘Til You Started After Me)
12. Another One Goes By
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