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A New Year For Mogwai

Scottish drone rockers Mogwai have posted dates for an upcoming US tour in March 2006. This is not to mention a smattering of festival dates, including SXSW in Austin, Texas, and shows scheduled in Japan and the UK next month. Also in March, the band will be releasing their fifth studio album, titled Mr. Beast, courtesy of Matador Records. According to the updated bio, this album imparts as much metal-tinged psychedelica as it does the traditional sleepy, symphonic subtlety that Mogwai is known for. In other words, more swwweet riffs, man! Check out the first single off Mr. Beast, “Friend of the Night,” available on the band’s Myspace profile. Let’s just say that piano hasn’t rocked this hard since Jerry Lee Louis lit it on fire! (Via Filter MM)