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The Orchard Signs SST Records

Legendary Punk/Post-Punk label SST Records has inked a deal with The Orchard for digital distribution. For two weeks, starting immediately, tracks from 94 of SST’s top albums will be made available exclusively on eMusic. eMusic will be doing a bunch of promotion work over this term, then on January 24th get your Doc Martens strapped on cause the entire catalogue will be available on all the other major music services globally, including iTunes, Napster, MSN, MusicMatch, Real/Rhapsody, and Yahoo! In addition, The Orchard will supply the catalogue through its distribution partnerships with the leading mobile companies around the world, the largest mobile network of any distributor, spanning over 200 global services Sprint, Vodafone, Zingy, 9 Squared, Securycast, Arvato Mobile and Hudson Soft.

And since it needs to be said, let me be the first to say it: SELLOUT!! Just kidding Greg. Good work.