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Flaming Lips Announce Tracklist For New Album

At War With The Mystics (Warner Bros.), The Flaming Lips’ long-anticipated follow up to 2002’s Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, finally has a tracklist for fans to ponder before the album’s April 4 release date. As expected there will also be a DVD companion featuring extra tracks, videos and featurettes, all in a “mind-warping 5.1 moving mix that just may make some of you feel queasy,” notes the Flaming info provided by WB. We’re hoping for scratch ‘n’ sniff bunny costume action too!

The record was produced by Dave Fridmann and the Flaming Lips. The first single, “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song,” will be out March 7 while the track “The W.A.N.D.” is currently available on your favorite (legal) digital downloading service.

On first listen, it sounds as if the Lips are biting hard at the Polyphonic Spree, Grandaddy, and Animal Collective. Just kidding. But the tracks we’ve heard so far employ less of the electronic production tricks and squiggly synths of Yoshimi, builds towards a rocky rhymthic center, before tucking us into bed (but you know, a bed in space, as is the way of the Lips). The band also has a handful of live dates listed so far, though a full tour is most likely in the works for April and May.

Tracklist For At War With The Mystics:
01. Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
02. Free Radicals
03. The Sound Of Failure/It’s Dark….Is It Always This Dark??
04. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
05. Vein Of Stars
06. The Wizard Turns On….
07. It Overtakes Me/The Stars Are So Big, I am So Small…Do I Stand A Chance?
08. Mr. Ambulance Driver
09. Haven’t Got A Clue
10. The W.A.N.D.
11. Pompeii Am Gôtterdämmerung
12. Goin’ On

Tour Dates:
03/11 – Sunrise, FL – Langerado Festival
04/19 – Edinburgh, UK – Usher Hall
04/22 – London, UK – Royal Albert Hall
04/24 – Birmingham, UK – Academy
04/25 – Manchester, UK – Apollo