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MUCKY DUCKY! Peaches album will be ”more hardcore”

Peaches has revealed all about her forthcoming third album, saying she recorded in a “total L.A. experience.” Does that mean she shaved her muff?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Peaches says that her time there was spent in great comfort and luxury. “It was amazing: I had a house, a heated pool and a studio,” she said. “I’d wake up in the morning, swim and then work on stuff.”

Lyrically, it doesn’t sound as if Peaches is hanging up the strap-ons just yet. One song, ‘Hankie Code’, deals with the practice of whacking a black snot rag in your pocket to signify you’re a giver, while ‘Two Guys for Every Girl’ extols the joys of a two-cocks-and-a-pot threeway. “The lyrics are all real dirty about guys getting down with each other, and then I join in,” Peaches enthused, moistly. “Everybody fantasizes about the two-girl thing – to hell! Guys gotta get sexy with each other!

“I feel bad for guys because girls live it out: They can be as sexual as they want with each other and with guys,” she added. “But guys get scared that they’ll be considered gay. I’m not attacking them . . . I am trying to include them.” Quite right, quite right.

Peaches has also roped in some top guests for the new record, which is due out in April. Josh Homme turned up to play some guitar, as did Feist and Peaches heroine Joan Jett. “I made sure I was in my gold bikini, pressing my ass against the studio glass for her,” Peaches said.