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Pete Doherty’s Ex-Manager Erased From ‘Albion’ Video

The man accused of selling pictures of Kate Moss snorting Cocaine has been digitally erased from Babyshambles new video.

The original version of the ‘Albion’ video contained a snippet of Pete Doherty and James Mullard walking in Trafalgar Square together.

But Doherty’s ex-manager Mullard – allegedly linked to the leaking of the ‘Cocaine Kate’ snaps – has had his face disguised in the video.

Mullard can now only be seen as a pixilated image in the promo.

Despite the allegations, Mullard has consistently denied any involvement in selling the snaps, and sees him being erased out of the promo vid as petty.

He told the London Evening Standard: “It is annoying. It is so petty.

“I think the record company did it believing it would be a feather in their cap keeping Pete happy. But Pete isn’t a vindictive person and I don’t think he would have ordered it.”

‘Albion’ is released on November 28.