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Well folks here it is… our final top 15 albums of 2005. From 38 writers in 8 countries we have tallied all the votes, crunched the numbers and POW… this is it… broken down into 3 groups (15 to 10. – 9 to 5. then 4 to 1.) Here is our list. And just in case you are wondering, the number 1 was a real bitch. We thought that a tie might be in order, however, we did finally decide on just ONE… Well enough talking.. ONTO THE LIST!!!
Number 15 thru number 10

10) The High Strung:: Moxie Bravo
How do you lose one of your guitarist and song writers and then figure out how to do it all as a trio?? Personally I have no idea… But the Detriot trio The High Strung has and in the process they have quickly become one the best bands around.. their latest record “Moxie Bravo” has all the best bits of the early Kinks and The Who all wrapped up in one brilliant package.. Great .. Just flat out great.
A Real Meal Ticket:: (MP3)

11) Paul McCartney:: Chaos and Creation in the backyard
It is far and away the most solid record he’s delivered since the mid-’70s. His decision to make the album with producer Nigel Godrich, known for his work with Radiohead, Air, and Beck, is just as significant as it looks on paper, in addition to making Chaos and Creation one of the best-sounding albums of McCartney’s solo career.
Jenny Wren:: (MP3)

12) Queens of the Stone Age:: Lullibies to Paralyze
Simply put, there is no other rock band in 2005 that is as pleasurable to hear play as QOTSA — others may rock harder or take more risks, but no one has the command and authority of Queens at their peak, which they certainly are here. They are so good, so natural on Lullabies to Paralyze that it’s easy to forget that they just lost Oliveri, but that just makes Homme’s triumph here all the more remarkable. He’s not only proven that he is the driving force of Queens of the Stone Age, but he’s made an addictive album that begs listeners to get lost in its ever-shifting moods and slyly sinister sensuality.
In my head:: (Music Video)

13) Crooked Fingers:: Dignity and Shame
The fourth full-length installment from Eric Bachmann & Co., Dignity and Shame is twelve powerful songs of love, lost and found, illustrated by Bachmann’s heartbreaking yet newly hopeful lyrics. From the bold trumpet and decidedly Spanish mariachi guitars on the opening instrumental Islero to his trusty lap steel and sparse, captivating piano notes, Eric Bachmann and his Crooked Fingers continue to redefine a sound that simply cannot be pigeonholed.
Call to Love:: (MP3)

14) Antony & the Johnsons:: I am a Bird Now
As whole, the record is hardly notable for its special guests; the beauty of Antony’s singing, the ferociousness of his delivery, the profundity of his songs, and the unflinching nature make the disc truly transcend such. Just the fact that this beautiful record evokes so much emotion and opinion (both postive and negitive) is truly an astounding task.
You are my sister:: (Music Video)

15) Gorillaz:: Demon Days
Less accessible than its eponymous predecessor, it creates a darker, less cartoonish world where hip-hop, brit-rock, electronica and Dennis Hopper monologues all seem perfectly at home. Great stuff.
Feel Good Inc:: (Music Video)