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The Flaming Lips on verge of finishing new album

The Flaming Lips are on the verge of completing their new album. The follow-up to 2002’s ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’ , titled ‘At War With The Mystics’ , is expected in early 2006. And frontman Wayne Coyne has revealed the band are on schedule to get finished by the end of 2005. He told XFM : “I think we have one more session that we’re going to try to do in November and probably do a couple more songs and see how it’s all fitting together.” He added: “But we’ve had a couple of good runs last couple of times we’ve been up at Dave ‘s [Fridmann – (the band’s longtime producer) studio. We’ve stumbled upon some nice production ideas and got lucky with a couple of songs and it seems like something’s shaping out. We even forget how we made a song or why we made and it’s like ‘Oh that’s a good song, how did that happen?’ “With all of our records, I think we’ve made 12 or 13 of them now, I’m not really sure because we do so many singles and EPs and all these sorts of things, you kinda see as you go. You don’t really know when the good stuff is going to happen, you just kind of have to be doing stuff and hope it turns out good and little by little. We kind of let some of it get out there and let people listen to it and we like getting some feedback. As ridiculous as that seems to go against the idea of an uncompromising artistic approach, you need some objective ideas need to be thrown your way once in a while because you get so caught up in your own world.” The band release a career-spanning video compilation DVD called ‘VOID: 1992-2005’ today (October 4)