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Deerhoof:: The Runners Four (Album Review)

It’s heartening to see Deerhoof, a hardworking and resolutely idiosyncratic star in the indie rock firmament, continue on such a jag of creative, critical and (relative) commercial success. The San Francisco quartet’s good fortune puts one in the mind of Sonic Youth – a rare band of weirdos that actually manages to take off on the wings of a charmed meritocracy. Ambient and direct, childlike and adult, hard-rocking and unapologetically esoteric – Deerhoof’s play of elemental opposites is not a new concept, but perhaps they have found a new playing-out of its possibilities. Their new The Runners Four doesn’t rewrite their instantly recognizable sound. Hints of The Beatles still poke around the bright, sunshine-and-children’s-book imagery of vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki; monster drums still crash against wheezing organ clusters and raw, 1960’s power chords. But the heavier prog-rock leanings of some of their earlier albums are leavened on Runners by the milder temperament of pop songs and widened by an atmosphere of open-minded reflection over chaotic exultation. All told, it’s another triumph for a band whose creative peak seems to defy gravity with each passing year.
(Dominic DeLuce)