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Radiohead Feeling Prolific In The Studio

Radiohead recorded a “song a day” last week in its Oxfordshire, U.K., studio, and is planning to spend this week putting ideas on tape before breaking until December. The group’s as-yet-untitled seventh studio album is expected next year; as previously reported, its contract with longtime label EMI has expired. According to a post from bassist Colin Greenwood on the band’s Web site, there is also “exciting talk of shows next year. It’s good to have a plan.” Among the songs that appear on the studio blackboard as having been attempted are “Pay Day,” “Burn the Witch,” “Videotape,” “Solutions,” “House of Cards,” “Down Is the New Up,” “Last Flowers,” “Skirting on the Surface” and “Morning Mi Lord.” “The blackboard [is] filling up with ideas,” frontman Thom Yorke wrote recently. “Lots of things happening all over the studio at once, which I always like, although I keep having to remind myself to sit down occasionally.”