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The First Music Video Filmed Entirely Using Cellphones

The new video from the Seattle power-pop band The Presidents of the United States of America was shot entirely using an array of Sony Ericsson cellphones. The song is a Weezer-ish tune called “Some Postman,” and the video was directed by the Australian filmmaker Grant Marshall. CLICK HERE TO VIEW Requires Quicktime

Australian production company, Film Headquarters has made an innovative music video for the Presidents of the United States of America, for their Australian single “Some Postman”. This is the first music video in the world to be shot using mobile phones.

“Some Postman” is currently on Australia’s Channel V (as “Clip of the Week” last week), ABC, Rage, Video Hits, VH1 and national and regional radio networks as the band prepare to launch their album “Love Everybody” in Australia in October, backed up by an Australian tour.

The music video was filmed in Seattle in just one day using a plethora of Sony Ericsson mobile video phones. The content was then blue–toothed to a Mac and composed like a jigsaw puzzle to form the basis of the edit.

The director of the video, Grant Marshall from Film Headquarters, said he was very excited when Presidents of the USA agreed to this idea. He came up with the idea after the company’s creative team lamented how budgets for Australian music videos were far lower than those for international clips. Producer Nick Wolff said “We joked that budgets were getting so small that the next thing we’d be doing is shooting on a mobile phone.”

Which is exactly what they did.

“We came up with this idea 18 months ago but couldn’t find a band that would embrace the risk and vision. PUSA loved the concept and were brave enough to undertake the risk. This was a fantastic experience for all of us. The band was fabulous,” he added.

“The result is great and the look reminiscent of the movies available on Quicktime in the 90s. The funniest part of the shoot was to see a mobile phone sitting on a tripod-it’s quite a sight. With mobile phone camera resolutions doubling every few years, people will probably look back and say this idea was ‘so 2005’,” said Mr Marshall.

During the production of the music video, over 12 angles were pieced together to make up one composition or shot. The footage recorded by the phones was 1/3000 the quality of standard broadcast. The majority of the footage was shot with the band performing at half time as the phones could not handle the quick movements and as a result, could be blocky and compressed. The format used by the phone camera is 3gp.