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Mogwai Finish Album, Beaten by Police in Nazi Death March, Tour for Charity

In a brief statement issued by singer Stuart Braithwaite, Mogwai have finished their latest album, the follow up to their last proper LP Happy Songs for Happy People and 2005’s live BBC recording, Government Commissions. The album is, as of yet, untitled. However, for the sake of bulky paragraphs and excessive comma use, I have supplied the following three tentative appellations: 1. Brainwaves: Fact or Fiction? 2. Gimme Core, and 3. Fuck, I’m Thirsty! Where’s My Nalgene Bottle? While no further information was released regarding the upcoming release, Braithwaite did take the opportunity to discuss recent goings on in the US.

“I see that there has been a riot in Ohio,” Braithwaite stated. “After the black population of Toledo took exception to a ‘police supervised’ Neo-Nazi march. I’m actually watching American news and they are talking about the rights of the Nazi’s to march and blaming “gangs” for the violence!” We also blame fags for AIDS dude. Blaming gangs for violence shouldn’t really be that high on the, “Did I just hear an American say that?” list.

Braithwaite went on, “Last week a black man was punched repeatedly in the head by the New Orleans Police officers, an act that was caught on camera and shown internationally. People wonder why the world is incredulous at America’s righteous crusades in Iraq and beyond. You couldn’t make it up.”

Mogwai has two shows scheduled for November in support of One in Four, a mental health awareness charity.

11.28.05 – Edinburgh, SCO – Cabaret Voltaire
11.29.05 – Glasgow, SCO – The Arches