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Mike Myers to Moon Us

Geez, been hearing about this one for longer than I’ve cut my toe nails. Mike Myers has finally signed on the straight line to play drummer Keith Moon in a biopic based on “The Who” band-member, best known as the finest ‘drum kit’ destroyer in history – and also, a dude with a gift for playing with the sticks. According to Variety, the film has been in the works for about ten years – I’ve never heard anyone else mentioned for the part of Moon but Wayne Campbell himself – with Roger Daltrey and Nigel Sinclair finally getting it off the pavement. The film, being developed by Sinclair’s Spitfire Pictures, will tell of the hard-living rocker Moon – known for his wild behaviour on and off-stage – whose batteries ran out in 1978. Here’s hoping Nicolas Cage is still the firm fave to wear the vest of Pete Townsend. There’s no substitute, really, is there?