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SONGS BEYOND THE GRAVE:: Elliott Smith material soundtracks new flick

New material by late singer Elliott Smith has surfaced on the soundtrack of a forthcoming motion picture feature film. Smith, who was lauded for his work on The Royal Tenenbaums and Good Will Hunting had originally been slated to do all the music for Thumbsucker, which comes out in September, but the plan lost momentum, and then Smith died. Thumbsucker does exactly what it says on the tin, telling the story of a person trying to give up putting said digit in their mouth. It had been planned that Smith would do a cover of Saint Leonard Cohen’s ‘Sisters Of Mercy’ for the soundtrack, though that sadly never saw the light of day. Instead, Smith’s posthumous contribution will be ‘Let’s Get Lost’, and his takes on Cat Stevens’ ‘Trouble’ and Big Star’s ‘Thirteen’. In the absence of Smith from this mortal coil, the rest of the soundtrack has been provided by sadly-gone-toilet weirdos The Polyphonic Spree. Film director Mike Mills said that the decision to get the Texans in came from seeing them play live, which “really changed all the molecules in my body! Their performance just made me feel like, ‘Why not be happy? Why aren’t you choosing to be positive?’ I walked out of the theater and said, ‘That’s what I want people to feel like in the film.'”