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Animal Collective:: Sung Tongs
Avant-pop with swirling psychedelia and folk roots, Animal Collective makes music that is impossible to categorize and one of the most unique, fascinating listens of recent time. ‘Sung Tongs’ is a masterpiece of post-modern music that tests the listener’s comprehension to the point of accepting the sheer joy of their abstraction and experimentation. Although acoustic guitars, primitive percussion, and gentle vocals are heavily utilized, there is so much more to this sound to describe; the circular repetitions, the chattering choral interplay and wisps of speech and laughter, and the surreal production tricks create a truely unique experience. ‘Visiting Friends’ is a beautiful tong reminiscent of long train rides through the dilapidated, U.S. countryside. ‘Who could win a Rabbit’, ‘Sweet Road’, and ‘We Tigers’ exult a whimsical and childlike celebration of life. Animal Collective records music for the bold and adventurous, as ‘Sung Tongs’ is a breathtaking experience.