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Bloc Party have revealed their plans for the next year or so, and the news is: expect a break from them for the start of 2006. Bassist Gordon Moakes also explained the thinking behind hotly anticipated new single ‘Two More Years’, released on October 3, and what the band think of the remixes for their imminent ‘Silent Alarm Remixed’ album. According to Moakes, 2006 will see the boys hitting the studio at full speed, and approaching things a bit differently too. “I think we’ll be working on ideas for the rest of the year and then start trying to get something to tape properly in January…We’ve been looking at different beats – guitar bands don’t always think about how they use rhythm in songs.” In the meantime, being the nice chaps that they are, the world will get a few months off from Bloc Partying, they said to XFM: “It’s tiring enough being in people’s faces and in their perceptions constantly, people deserve as much of a break from us, as us!” Talking about ‘Two More Years’, Moakes said: “We had the feeling that Kele was looking to have one stab at writing a pop tune, something you’d hear on the radio…it’s our semi-conscious attempt to write something more immediate.” He also named his highlights from the remixes various people have done for ‘Silent Alarm Remixed’: “I really love the Mogwai mix [of ‘Plans’] because I’m a huge fan, but I also like the Engineers mix [of ‘Blue Light’], it takes the track in a new direction.” ‘Silent Alarm Remixed’ is out on August 29.