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“I get up in the morning, I look in the mirror, and I think, ‘Hey, you’re a pretty interesting guy.’”
– Iggy Pop

Hollywood, California – May 2, 2005 – Iggy Pop has been kicking the world’s collective posterior since his first band, the Stooges, searched and destroyed its way to iconic heights in the late 1960s and ‘70s. On July 19, Virgin/EMI Music Catalog Marketing will release two new packages for one of rock music’s true heroes: A Million In Prizes: The Iggy Pop Anthology, a chronologically-sequenced 2-CD collection of Iggy’s most exciting recorded moments with the Stooges and as a solo artist, a career and label spanning 38-track set with key cuts from 1969 through 2003, and a never-before-released concert DVD, Iggy Pop: Live At The Avenue B. The film was recorded live in Belgium with a 6-camera shoot during Pop’s tour to support his 1999 album, Avenue B.

Iggy (or Mr. Pop, as the New York Times refers to him) lives in that rarefied zone inhabited by the true avatars of rock who struck its template in the 1960s and have thrived through the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and into the new century. It is not enough that the Stooges virtually single-handedly godfathered punk rock, garage rock and American heavy metal almost four decades ago, or that Iggy Pop went on to conquer Europe and Asia as a headlining phenomenon in the ’90s. His status today, filling stadiums (and hundreds of websites) around the world with his unparalleled energy, his nerve, and his charismatic “Lust For Life” illustrate that the specter of Iggy Pop is a universal rock force. The package for A Million In Prizes: The Iggy Pop Anthology includes essays by Lenny Kaye, rock journalist, guitarist (Patti Smith Group) and producer (Suzanne Vega, Soul Asylum, Kristin Hersh), and Danny Fields, the Stooges’ first A&R rep. at Elektra and onetime de facto manager. Also included are impressions of Iggy Pop contributed by some other world-famous personalities:

“When I first saw Iggy and the Stooges in this little club in New York, I didn’t know if I wanted to run, laugh, cover myself with a bearskin rug, clock the motherfucker, or kneel before him and stick a diamond in his belly button.” -Jim Carroll

“Some singers in bands can do about one tour where they wreck it like Iggy Pop and then they have to pull back from either sheer pain or good sense. Iggy never pulls back. He is, quite simply, the best. This is fact, not opinion.” – Henry Rollins

“I love Iggy! I love Iggy! I love Iggy! I love everything about Iggy. He created the look, the ambience, the confrontational oeuvre. Iggy has the best body in Rock & Roll.”
– Lou Reed

“As the Stones had Chuck Berry, so the loosely defined Punk movement looked to Jim. He has spawned as many testosterone driven outfits as anyone on this planet. And he still knocks 90% of them into a cocked hat.” – David Bowie