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UK cartoony cheerleaders The Go! Team have inked a deal with major label powerhouse Columbia Records. After weeks of dinner dates with A&Rs from various labels at Warner, Atlantic and both of the Sonys, the buzz band closed with Columbia Records and EMI for publishing. Their sample-heavy tracks are supposedly giving EMI a major headache, especially considering none have been approved and the album has as of yet been released in the U.S.

Rumor has it the Arcade Fire’s pub advance is somewhere in the numbers of $850,000. That’s a massive figure for an indie rock band on an indie label with only one record to date

THE DARKNESS have split with their bassist FRANKIE POULLAIN. The group are currently in the studio working on their second album, the follow-up to ’Permission To Land’. However, Poullain will no longer be part of the set-up. A statement claims “musical differences” as the reason.