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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM:: S/T (Album Review)

Nothing is hidden here: James Murphy’s record collection is on display via the influences so easily discernible on his debut album as LCD Soundsystem. The sound is all bare wires, exposed workings, pre-dissected for maximum accessibility. And yet… it retains its maximum coolness throughout. It’s hipper than hip, a swinging conflation of hollowed-out post-punk noise driven by a sleek, minimalist, future-funk engine. And yet… it bites the hand that feeds it by being as much a commentary on the mores of obsessive-hipster, underground record collectors as it is itself more fuel for these same obsessives. LCD Soundsystem’s sonic emissions are a series of enclosing parentheses with their contents blatantly on display: insistent Krautrocking machine-funk; squelchy retro-disco grooves; jabbering post-punk basslines and spindly guitars. It’s a mercurial succession of mini-tableaux, perfectly composed selections of captured influences, occasionally turning into outright pastiche: the sneering Mark E Smith voice of “Movement”; the thickened, jive-talking vocals of “Thrills” (every bit as camp and mannered as Jagger’s on the Rolling Stones’ “Hot Stuff”); the “Dear Prudence” descending melody on the bleakly empty “Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up.” What does all this amount to? “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House” kind of says it all — it’s at once a bold musical statement, a piece of self-conscious absurdity, and an infectious, irresistible groove. Whatever the post-modernist machinations implied by Murphy’s contradictory stance, the resolution comes via the pulsating, compelling momentum the music generates. It’s as if Murphy asks the question, then says “Aww, forget it,” as the funk kicks in. It’s a classic case of debut album as faux anthology of musical influences, but it’s also a successful collection with a marked sense of individuality, massively helped by Murphy’s dry sense of humor, which demonstrates a willingness to embrace the contradiction at the heart of his musical personality. The overall effect is only slightly diluted by appending the early LCD Soundsystem singles on an additional bonus disc, so while 2002’s mighty “Losing My Edge” has something valuable to contribute to Murphy’s discourse, it appears as a kind of footnote instead of a key element. (by Tom Ridge/Neu Mu)

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Gorillaz:: Demon Days

snoop dogg ft the doors – Riders on the storm (Fredwreck Remix)

Pavement:: Terror Twilight

Beastie Boys, Bosstones, Macc Lads and MUCH MORE

Monday, May 30, 2005

Rock art for everyone!

If you are enjoying the Vintage Punk photos at Theresa Kereakes’s
Punk Turns 30 website, you can finally buy some at consumer prices! Visit her online store at Dot Photo or follow the “Buy Photos” link on Punk Turns 30. Rare images of Darby Crash, Black Randy and Jeffrey Lee Pierce are among the offerings, along with her well known photo of Dee Dee Ramone & Stiv Bators backstage at the Whisky A Go Go.

Friday, May 27, 2005 Giveaway (The Sights) CONTEST OVER..

About The Sights:
In the spring of 2004, The Sights – now including relative newbie Bobby Emmett as organist/bassist – caught the ear of ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, who signed them to his own Scratchie Records ( an imprint of New Line Records). And with that, the band headed back to Ghetto Recorders to record their self-titled third LP, The Sights, due out in April 2005. No small feat, the album combines the unobtrusive honesty of The Band with slivers of influence from The Sights’ own personal record collections: Ike & Tina, Solomon Burke, Everly Brothers , Bob Seger, Tim Hardin and all manner of raucous songwriting. The end result is an album that’s classic, not derivative—filled with swagger and deference—and ridiculously catchy. Really.

Guess what folks we have 2 T-shirts and 2 CD’s to giveaway.. Just send an email to kingblind(at) with THE SIGHTS in the subject line AND DON’T FORGET YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.. Good Luck.. (U.S. Residents only) REMEMBER IF YOU DON’T PUT “THE SIGHTS” IN THE SUBJECT LINE AND YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IN THE MESSAGE BODY YOU CANNOT WIN


5/26 The Patio – Indianapolis, IN
5/27 Southgate House – Newport, KY
5/28 Magic Stick – Detroit, MI

The Sights “Circus” video

The Sights:: “Circus” MP3

The Sights:: “Will I Be True?” MP3

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The White Stripes:: Blue Orchid (Music Video)

OR watch all The White Stripes Videos HERE

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks: 2005-05-24, Seattle (Sonic Records in-store) [flac]

Queens of the Stone Age – 2005-04-16 San Francisco, CA (AKG C 414B-XLS)

Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth
Queens Of The Stone Age – Lullabies To Paralyze
Team Sleep – m00kie
Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine
The Mars Volta – Francis The Mute
Meshuggah – Catch Thirty Three

Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Cream reunion show at royal albert hall

Shout Out Louds: Very Loud (Music Video)

Sleater-Kinney:: Entertain

Kinski:: The Wives of Artie Shaw

At The Drive-In, Blonde Redhead, Fugazi, Shellac, Slint & MORE — LIVE!

Gorillaz:: Demon Days (Album Review)

For their second go-round, Demon Days, the animated collective known as Gorillaz shake things up by replacing producer Dan “The Automator” Nakamura with Danger Mouse, the DJ responsible for last year’s acclaimed Beatles/Jay-Z mashup The Grey Album. The supergroup’s sound and aesthetic don’t change much from their first time out, at least not upon first listen: Demon Days’ intro swipes bits from the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack (2001’s “M1 A1” sampled the score from Day of the Dead) and both albums pay homage to Clint Eastwood (with the political “Dirty Harry,” an old-school hip-hop gem that features lush strings and the Children’s Choir of San Fernandez, and “Clint Eastwood,” respectively). Once again, hip-hop, dub, and electro beats are spliced together with samples and a laundry list of guest artists—Neneh Cherry on “Kids With Guns,” De La Soul on the rousing lead single “Feel Good Inc.,” Ike Turner on “Every Planet We Reach Is Dead,” MF Doom on “November Has Come,” and Roots Manuva and Martina Topley Bird on the stand-out “All Alone”—and Damon Albarn’s vocals are typically disaffected. With the exception of the bouncy new wave pop number “DARE,” Demon Days is decidedly bleaker than its predecessor and—from the opening song, “Last Living Souls,” to the spoken word “Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head,” performed with deadpan panache by Dennis Hopper—noticeably more apocalyptic. If cartoons truly are a reflection of the times, then Gorillaz, co-created by Tank Girl cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, are unabashedly 2005. (Sal Cinquemani/Slantmag)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kingblind’s live concert downloads!!

Radiohead – 2001-09-11
Calexico – 2003-04-25
Mark Knopfler – 2001-06-16
Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven – 2004-06-13
and MORE!

Michael Franti and Spearhead:: January 15th, 2005

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UK cartoony cheerleaders The Go! Team have inked a deal with major label powerhouse Columbia Records. After weeks of dinner dates with A&Rs from various labels at Warner, Atlantic and both of the Sonys, the buzz band closed with Columbia Records and EMI for publishing. Their sample-heavy tracks are supposedly giving EMI a major headache, especially considering none have been approved and the album has as of yet been released in the U.S.

Rumor has it the Arcade Fire’s pub advance is somewhere in the numbers of $850,000. That’s a massive figure for an indie rock band on an indie label with only one record to date

THE DARKNESS have split with their bassist FRANKIE POULLAIN. The group are currently in the studio working on their second album, the follow-up to ’Permission To Land’. However, Poullain will no longer be part of the set-up. A statement claims “musical differences” as the reason.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Franz Ferdinand Frontman Escapes Nut Allergy Death

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos dodged death after eating a dessert containing traces of peanut – which he has a fatal allergy to. The Scottish rocker, 29, who is currently on tour in Russia, started vomiting blood after eating baklava (hazelnut cakes) prepared for him by a friend, who had not noticed the small print on the packaging stating it may contain peanut traces. The star recovered from the attack but is furious that food manufacturers don’t make allergy warnings more obvious. He says, “I had the most horrific night.”

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Van Halen 1

Bardo Pond:: 11/22/03 LIVE Philly, PA

Kimya Dawson:: 1/9/05 LIVE Portland, ME

Robyn Hitchcock:: 1/9/04 Live @ Maxwell’s Hoboken,NJ

Monday, May 23, 2005

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Listen to the new album from The White Stripes:: Get Behind me satan

The Whites Stripes:: My Doorbell (single from their new album!)

The Go-Betweens:: Here comes a city

stephen malkmus:: jenny and the ess dog

John Doe:: Forever hasn’t happened yet (Album Review)

Recently, while having drinks with a couple of twenty-somethings, I found myself recommending the first couple of X albums. I was greeted with blank stares. “X? Who are X?”. That shook me to my punk rock foundations. Are there really rock and roll fans in their twenties who missed out on one of the greatest bands ever? Apparently so. But thankfully one of them went out and bought “Los Angeles” the next day. And now, another recommendation, “Forever hasn’t happened yet”, the new solo album from X founding member John Doe. Much well deserved praise has already been heaped upon this album. But how can you lose? John Doe has one of the most resonantly beautiful voices ever created. And he has teamed up with some real fine folk here. Kristin Hersh, Dave Alvin, Grant Lee Phillips, even his own daughter Veronica Jane pitches in vocally on track three. And my God, the genius of having Neko Case sing Exene’s lyrics on “Hwy 5” in astounding. The opening track, “The Losing Kind” is an organ drenched blues ballad that will make Jack White swoon. “Heartless” is a swaggering, staggering pop gem. And the aforementioned “Hwy 5” is that long lost X track we all suspected was locked in a vault somewhere. Much ado has been made of “Ready”, an ode to tragic friends (Darby Crash, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Elliot Smith) who lost lifes’ battle too soon. I think this is the weakest track on the album, although the soaring harmonies with Kristin Hersh redeem it somewhat. Of course the ghosts of X and The Knitters haunt all of these songs. But John Doe has managed to marry the Blues and Punk Rock with a pop sensibility, and still make an original album. Not an easy task, but I suppose that’s what he’s been doing so beautifully for the past 25 years. (Review by: LAM)

Friday, May 20, 2005

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PJ Harvey:: Peel Sessions
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD pw: greasy_vince

Pavement:: BBC Sessions

The Walkmen:: Revenge Wears No Wristwatch

Tegan and Sara:: Walking with a Ghost

The Raveonettes:: Pretty In Black (Album Review)

For their second full-length album, Pretty In Black, The Raveonettes ditch the Next Wave fuzztone distortion and three-chord Ramones formula of Whip It On and Chain Gang Of Love for a more accessible pop sound. The album opens with an acoustic Elvis-inspired ’50s prom night serenade, “The Heavens,” though their signature dark themes still pervade (see also the suicide caper “Here Comes Mary”). Singer/songwriter/guitarist Sune Rose Wagner and singer (formerly back-up singer/bassist) Sharin Foo trade vocals on “Seductress Of Bums,” which Wagner calls a cross between Beyoncé and Bobby Vinton…uh, yeah. With aspirations of becoming the world’s biggest rock band, it’s no surprise things are toned down here, both musically and lyrically: the profanity is tempered on “Uncertain Times” and the absence of electric guitars leaves much of the album limp (an unfortunately faithful rendition of “My Boyfriend’s Back,” originally written by Raveonettes producer Richard Gottehrer, is just plain flaccid). Rather than achieve their lofty goal by recording an entire album’s worth of buzzing pop/rock confections like 2002’s “Attack Of The Ghost Riders” and 2003’s “That Great Love Sound,” the Copenhagen duo has made the equivalent of Garbage’s poppy beautifulgarbage. Even Wagner’s wartime fears on “Uncertain Times” are retro: “If the atom bomb should end us both/I’ll be happy to go to the stars with you.” It’s not until “Ode To L.A.,” featuring Ronnie Spector, and the ’50s sci-fi meets French techno of “Twilight” that things start sounding remotely (post)modern. (This is the kind of music David Lynch probably listens to while reporting the local weather on his website.) It should be noted that what Pretty In Black lacks in vigor is made up for in variety…now if only they could find a way to fuse the two, maybe The Raveonettes would make an entire album as good as their singles. (Sal Cinquemani)