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Bassist for Guitar Wolf Dies

Barring a Dwarves-like PR prank, the news seems all over various garage boards that Hideaki Sekiguchi, a.k.a. Billy, a.k.a. Bass Wolf of Japan’s legendary Guitar Wolf has passed on of a heart attack. He died in Tokyo yesterday and was only 38. In a mountain of garage punk combos hitting the road these days, few have totally risen to the bar set by these guys, whose basic Ramones/MC5-inspired formula became a mere tip of the iceberg of the pure insanity one was sure to experience at each and every show attended. Besides being the live rock equivalent of a screaming monkey being put into a boiling pot, their first album sounded like someone playing through gauze down a hallway, and the “quality” of the production over on ensuing LPs on Matador, Narnack etc. dipped and rose to confound you even more.. Today’s news is sad indeed.